10 Ways To Write Product Description for Shopify Store

10 Ways To Write Product Description for Shopify Store in 2022

A good product description can make or break a sale. Selling online means your customers cannot physically examine or try the product. Therefore, they have to rely on your product description to know what they are buying.

A well-written product description will help your customers buy with confidence. It is also important that this content is unique so as not to violate duplicate content rules.

It is important to write a compelling product description for a Shopify store because it will help you convince customers to buy your products.

In addition, writing a good description can help you increase sales and boost traffic.

Writing a good product description can help sell products by convincing potential customers to buy them. It can also help improve your search engine rankings, which will increase sales and traffic.

Ten ways to write a good product description

Writing a good product description is a key factor in your overall eCommerce success, as it helps you create a long-lasting image of your brand in customers’ minds.

Customers have less and less time for reading. They don’t want to spend hours browsing through a website to find what they’re looking for, so your product descriptions should be clear, concise, and engaging.

Let’s check out the ten most important points you should consider when writing product descriptions for your Shopify store:

1. Know your target audience

Know your target audience. You won’t get very far with a generic sales pitch. You need to know who you’re speaking to and why they visit your site. 

product description target audience

The best way to do this is through market research. Think about the demographic you want to attract – their age, gender, lifestyle, interests, and problems.

Create an ideal customer in your head and write towards them specifically. If you already have a client base, review the profiles of customers who’ve purchased from you before.

What problem does your product solve for them? What makes them tick? Focus on these factors when writing your copy.

2. Make it concise and easy to read

The product description is the central element of a product page. This is where you provide more detail about what the product is, what makes it great, why people need it, and how they can use it.

This is your chance to tell the story of your brand and your products. It is also an opportunity to showcase your writing skills, build trust with consumers and help enhance your search rankings.

Here are some key best practices to keep in mind when writing your product descriptions:

  • Make it concise and easy to read. Your customers are looking for information quickly and easily. Long blocks of text are off-putting, so make sure you break up the body copy with formatting like bullet points, bolded words, or different sizes and colors of headers.
  • Be descriptive without being too wordy. Don’t be afraid of using adjectives – as long as you’re keeping things honest – but don’t overdo it by throwing around too many big words or superlatives. Remember that you want to inform consumers with concrete details rather than impress them with clever language.
  • Focus on benefits, not just features. Include plenty of details about what the product does and why it’s great, but also make sure you do not exaggerate at all.

3. Provide all the information customers may need

The product description should be written for your customers, not search engines. Writing for search engines will reduce your credibility in the eyes of customers.

With so many other businesses selling similar products, your product descriptions are what set you apart from the competition.

A compelling product description provides all the information customers may need to make a purchasing decision. 

An effective product description answers the question:

What is it?
What does it do?
Why is it better than other products on the market?
Why do I want to buy it?

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4. Use keywords strategically

Researching keywords is an important part of writing product descriptions. A keyword is a word that a significant number of people searching for your type of product will use. 

Therefore, it’s important to choose keywords that don’t just bring a lot of visitors to your site but also the right kind of visitors.

You can use Google Trends to research keywords and see if they are still popular or on the rise. The key is to find words that are popular enough to generate traffic but narrow enough so that the people landing on your page are likely to buy something.

5. Use numbers and bullet points to organize your content

When writing persuasive product descriptions, think of yourself as a copywriter. A good copywriter knows how to use words to catch a reader’s attention, convince them to make a purchase, and create loyalty, so they continue buying from you.

What makes writing product descriptions so hard is that you have just a few seconds to convince someone to buy your product. Some people might read your full description; others will just skim it.

So you need to write your product descriptions to capture the essence of the product benefits quickly. Using bullets and numbers in your product descriptions helps you sell more products by making it easier for shoppers to find out all about your products at a glance.

Use a word counter to track product description length

Sometimes writers are so involved in their writing that they overlook the text’s length. They go beyond the limits without realizing it. 

So what should a writer do to keep track of product descriptions’ length?

Worry not!

An online word counter provides you with the ultimate solution to stay on the right track and avoid being verbose. With a word counter online tool, you can stay inside the word limits and craft an engaging description copy that tailors to readers’ needs. 

Due to its user-friendly interface, it is gaining more and more importance these days. Word counter assists you to remain in the ideal length. 

In addition, its grammar checker feature helps you remove all the grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes and makes your writing flawless. 

Simply copy-paste the text in the tool to know how many words you have written.

How amazing it is!

10 Ways To Write Product Description for Shopify Store

6. Inject personality

A compelling product description makes the reader want to click on the product. It gets them excited about it and makes them want to buy it immediately.

The best way to make your product description compelling is by injecting personality. Inject personality, and you’ll connect with your audience and endear yourself to them.

Your goal is to create a relationship between you and your customers, which builds trust, which creates a sense of intimacy and makes people want what you’re selling.

7. Tell a story

If you want to write a compelling product description, you need to tell a story. A good story grabs attention, keeps people interested, and leaves them wanting more. Do the same with your product descriptions.

This is how to write a great product description for e-commerce: Show, don’t tell. Use suggestive language to bring your product description to life. Write from your customer’s perspective and make it about them. Focus on benefits, not features.

8. Answer common questions

Most businesses have a certain type of customer in mind, and writing product descriptions can be an opportunity to speak directly to those customers.

By answering common questions in the language that your customers use, you can create more engaging and compelling product descriptions while also helping potential customers understand what makes your products unique.

It’s also important to remember that you want to answer questions in a way that avoids any confusion. This means crafting descriptions with clear, concise language.

9. Get rid of jargon and excessive adjectives

To write a good product description, get rid of jargon and excessive adjectives. Instead, use a conversational tone and focus on your product’s benefits. Also, make sure, to be honest about any flaws or limitations.

Jargons are the technical words or phrases specific to your industry or field. It can be useful in some contexts, like if you’re writing documentation for someone who already knows how to use your product. However, it usually isn’t helpful when you’re trying to reach new customers. It can come across as aggressive.

When you write a copy using jargon and excessive adjectives, you risk alienating potential customers who don’t have a similar background or level of expertise as you do.

10. Use a clear call to action

One of the most critical elements of a great product description is that it has a clear call to action (CTA). It is the part of your product page that prompts customers to make a purchase.

Think about the typical shopper. They’re just browsing around, and they don’t intend to buy anything. A powerful CTA can help change their mind.


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