5 Tips to write an engaging description

5 Tips to Write an Engaging Product Description

Engaging Product descriptions are a very important part of the buying phase that can make or break a sale.

In this volatile phase, a bad product description can render all your previous marketing efforts useless. People who don’t like a product description do not only leave the page; they usually leave the site as well. This is very bad for your business. So, writing an immaculate product description is essential to secure conversions.

In this article, we shall discuss some tips to write engaging product descriptions that will help a buyer to confirm their purchase rather than leave it.

Engaging Product

Tips to Write an Engaging Product Description

Know your Audience

Before writing a product description, you need to ask yourself some questions. These questions are:

  • What does the buyer seek from this product?
  • What kind of buyer will like this product?
  • What’s age group or demographic is this product the most useful for?

Asking questions like these will help you understand what kind of people are looking for this product. Once you have a better understanding of your potential buyers, you can write a product description that will be enticing to them.

Something that sounds good to a kid may not sound the same to an adult. In the same way, something that athletes want is not interesting to a pencil pusher. 

Whether your tone will be casual or professional, also depends on who is the target audience.

Focus on Benefits Instead of Features

Writers who have to write product descriptions can fall into this bad habit of listing the features of the product.

Now, writing features is not a bad thing in itself. The problem lies in the fact that just writing features will make the description sound bland. 

Engaging Product

Enthusiasts are interested in features and they would love to read about them. But enthusiasts are usually the minority while the casuals are the majority. And appealing to the majority is more rewarding.

Your product description should target the latter unless you are selling something that only enthusiasts enjoy (then it is fine to rave about the features-it’s part of knowing your audience). 

When you list the benefits a person can get from the product, then they are more inclined to want to own that thing. 

For example, if you are selling a car, you should be mentioning things like how it is economic, has comfy seats, has features to integrate your phone, has a sat-nav for easy navigation, and has air conditioning. 

You wouldn’t mention things like its weight and engine capacity and whether it has a turbo or supercharger or its axle width because those are things only enthusiasts would be looking for. 

Optimize for SEO

Product descriptions can help with SEO. When you are optimizing your writing for SEO, you are actually making it easier to find your product. People are more likely to engage with something that shows up higher in the SERPs because people trust search engines.

Also, by doing SEO, you are matching the ‘search intent’ of a potential buyer. So, by optimizing for SEO, you are reducing the load on yourself because you are only attracting those people who have already made their minds to buy the product. 

Doing SEO of product descriptions is as simple as including the keywords and some secondary keywords. You can find out which keywords to use by doing some research using any of the numerous SEO tools available on the internet.

Remove Plagiarism

Product descriptions are actually one of the few places where duplication is not penalized. That’s because a single site may have multiple pages that have the same product. And that product will have the same description on two different pages.

However, what we are mentioning here as plagiarism is the other type, where a person just copies the description of a similar product instead of writing a new and original one.

Engaging Product

This has two major consequences; one is the lowering of the site rank by search engines. The other is that it kills any user engagement. 

When people go to a website and browse through products, they get extremely put off if they find that the descriptions were lazily copy-pasted. This makes them lose trust and respect for the brand and they just leave the site in search of better alternatives.

When you are done writing a product description always make sure to use a plagiarism checker to detect any duplication. This will ensure that your writing is engaging.

Add Good Photos

According to some studies, people are more likely to buy something that they can hold in their hands before making a purchase. That is due to a psychological phenomenon in which a person wants to own what they hold.

This cannot happen in an online store. However, there is a good alternative. You can add pictures of the product that showcase it from different angles. 

Watching the picture of the product gives a customer a better idea of its size, and how it looks and functions.

Some things you need to take care of before posting these pictures are listed:

  • The picture needs to be clear.
  • The picture should not attempt to give a false impression.
  • The picture should not have an edited background. Seeing the product in a real-life scenario is important to customers.

Pictures are, in fact, more important than the product description because people usually check pictures before they read about the product.


With these five tips, you will soon be on your way to writing tons of engaging product descriptions that serve to drive more conversions.

As we saw in this article, poorly written or copied descriptions make customers unhappy and turn them away rather than entice them into making a purchase. So, removing duplication is important. 

In the same way, adding pictures of the product will help the customer decide more easily. 

Focusing on the benefits a product provides rather than its features is more likely to help you convert leads.

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