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Hey, it’s Nancy.

I am an Entrepreneur who help people to create their businesses. I am also an Online Business Strategist.

I founded MyBusinessRoute as a way to educate and inspire other people to find their business idea, passion and can grow in their careers.

Today, Online Businesses are booming very rapidly but still there are some people who don’t the right route to start their career.

This gave me an inspiration to start a blog where I can teach people how they can become skilled in any profession and can become self-independent.

My Passion

I love solving business-related problems and this is what my passion is. I began my career as an amateur person and ended up failing in lots of businesses.

This gave me a kick to never stop in this journey as I am always passionate about online businesses or to start something my own. I have seen people to start their career and whenever they got stuck somewhere they just left everything.

But the secret towards any success is of course consistency. Without consistency you cannot become successful in any business whether it’s an online business or anything else.

So, be sure to be consistent enough before starting this wonderful journey of Online Businesses with me.

My Goals

My goals are very much clear – “To help people in a best possible way I can and to make their lives a better life.

Follow me in this beautiful journey to stand out in your career.

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