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200+ Free Aesthetic App Icons Ready-to-download in 2022

Looking for some cool and aesthetic app icons for your iphone? Then, here you’ll find 200+ Free Aesthetic App Icons ready to download.

These icons are made with Canva and are completely customizable on both Canva Free and Pro account. This means you can edit, change color or download according to your need.

With a recent update in IOS 14, you can now customize your app icons in whatever design you like. Therefore, you can make your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter look prettier than ever with these aesthetic app icons.

Use these completely free aesthetic app icons to give your phone a new look.

Not only in iPhone, but you can also change your app icons in Android with the help of some apps which we will talk about later in this article.

How to change app icons in iPhone?

You can easily change your app icon by following these steps:

Step 1. Search “Shortcuts App”.

Step 2. In the upper right corner, tap the “+” to add a new shortcut.

Step 3. On this new shortcut, press the “Add Action” button.

Step 4. Tap on “Scripting” option.

Step 4: Now, Select “Open App” in the search bar, tap it.

Step 5. When it pops up then tap on “Choose” so you can choose the app you want to create a shortcut for and select the app.

Step 6. Now, you can see all your apps, search for any app. Let say “Instagram”. Select Next, and just name your app as whatever you want but prefer to name it as it is.

Step 5: Once you have chosen your app, on the upper right corner you’ll see the three white dots inside a blue circle, tap that.

Step 7: Enter the shortcut name, then tap “Add to Home Screen”. Tap on the icon and select “Choose Photos”.

Step 9: You can choose the icon photo or just any photo from your gallery. You can also replace the name of your shortcut with whatever you want to see on your home screen, or just leave it blank if you want for that clean minimal look.

Now, It’s all done and congratulations on having your new phone look.

How to change app icons in Android?

Most people think that this feature is only available in IOS 14, but this is only half-truth. Yes, you cannot directly change app icons in your android but you can do it with an app.

You can use X Icon Changer to change your app icons on your android phone.

Let’s look at some beautiful and aesthetic app icons that you can find on The Template Market:

1. Golden Glitter Shine – Aesthetic App Icon

This is perfect for those who love shiny and bright colours on their phone. The Template Market is the platform where you can get free aesthetic icons for your iPhone.

aesthetic app icon

These icons are available as Canva templates, so you can customize them according to your choice or use just as it is. So, what are you waiting for? Apply these icons without giving a single penny.

50 Aesthetic App Icons

In this package, you will get 50 app icons that can be used on both iPhone and Android.

Bonus Widgets

Not only app icons, you will also get 10 + 1 Bonus Widgets that motivates you every day. You know sometimes we often get stressed with our surroundings but these quotes will motivate you in your low times and will support you like a friend.

2. Rose Gold – Aesthetic App Icon

This app icon can also be a perfect gift for your loved one. The rosy gold aesthetic appearance will give you a new look to your iPhone.

You can find this icon by clicking the link here or just tap the picture below.

I love this rosy glittery shine especially when I am going to a party, I would love my phone theme matches to my outfit as well. It might sound funny but I like to dress up my phone as well. These icons remind me of my college days when we do hard parties and celebrate festivals with our friends.

50 Aesthetic App Icons

Rose Gold - Aesthetic App Icon

So, if you love bold accessories, then these app icons would be perfect for your iPhone. In this package, you will get 50 app icons that can be used on both iPhone and Android.

10 + 1 Bonus Widgets

Rose Gold - Aesthetic App Icon
Rose Gold - Aesthetic App Icon

3. Chocolate BrownieAesthetic App Icon

This icon is perfect if you are looking for a distinctive look. These icons will give your phone a chocolaty look.

This one is personally my favourite because I love chocolatey colours in my phone and second is this colour makes my phone look fantastic.

50 Aesthetic App Icons

Chocolate Brownie - Aesthetic App Icon

This package contains 50 Aesthetic app icons.

10 + 1 Bonus Widgets

Chocolate Brownie - Aesthetic App Icon
Chocolate Brownie - Aesthetic App Icon

4. Pink Candy Love– Aesthetic App Icon

Who doesn’t love the rosy smell and colour? Therefore, inspired by this fact, this icon is made especially for ladies and girls who want to make their life smell and appear like a rose.

Download this Rosy Pink aesthetic icon beautifully designed only for you.

50 Aesthetic App Icons

Pink Candy Love- Aesthetic App Icon

I really love eating candies, especially those that are pink and strawberry flavoured. These icons give me a strawberry flavoured taste in my mouth whenever I look into my phone.

10 + 1 Bonus Widgets

Pink Candy Love- Aesthetic App Icon
Pink Candy Love- Aesthetic App Icon

How to use Widgets?

Widgets are helpful in motivation because sometimes we feel stressed, anxious, and worried about our goals. So, in this case, we need some external motivation in which these widgets would be very helpful.

For putting widgets, you can easily drag on anywhere you want on your screen with the help of the WidgetSmith app.

aethetic app icon widget

You can find all these widget templates in your Canva template once you download the template pdf (png to pdf).

Final Words

Hope you like all these template icons. You can simply go to The Template Market and browse all other Canva templates for free.

If you like, you can just leave a review.

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