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9 Best Business Books You Must Read Before Starting Any Business

Business Books Lover? Then, you are just like me. In this article, I’m going to give my 9 Best Business Books of all time that you’ll fall in love with it.

If you are searching for some self-help business books, then here’s the good news! Your search has just ended here. These books are my favorite because they are written in very simple language that anyone could understand.

I would highly recommend to all that whether you are going to start a business, or already doing it, you should definitely read these books. These business books will open your mind to new ideas to grow your business at a higher level. 

Not only these will save your time but also help you to avoid the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs make. Because it’s good to learn from your own mistakes but it’s smarter if you are learning it from others. 

Let’s look into some of these popular ones.

1. The Personal MBA – By Josh Kaufman

This book is my all-time favorite because once you read this, you will understand all the fundamentals of a business. This book has broken down the business into many different parts like —

  1. Value Creation
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Value Delivery
  5. Finance

By learning these fundamentals you would be able to understand how a profitable business runs.

Personal MBA Recommended Book - best business books

Short & Sweet Summary

The author of this book Josh Kaufman completed his studies in a technical field. He got an amazing opportunity to work for a billion-dollar company Proctor & Gamble, which he accepted happily and started working over there.

But all his colleagues were MBA graduates from big colleges. He then realized a very important thing that how important business and marketing skills are. 

If in the future, he wanted to start something of his own, he must be aware of these skills.

So, then he became so obsessed with those skills that from now onwards, he will try to acquire them.

Then, he decided at first just like his colleagues that he will do his MBA from a big college. But somehow after researching everything properly, and by going to different colleges, he came to know that nowadays colleges are just for show off. And people pursue MBA just for the sake of a degree not for education.

So, he chose a better way to learn these skills, which was SELF-EDUCATION.

What he did was, he went to his nearby library and started reading a lot of books on businesses. He read over hundreds of books just on businesses, which ultimately improved his knowledge and personality.

Now, the most interesting thing was — when he realized one thing that there were some topics that were repeating over time.

So, he came to know that these topics which were getting repeated are the most important factors for business.

Because as per 80-20 principle, these were that 20% knowledge which gives 80% results.

Therefore, he gathered all the important repeated knowledge and created a book — The Personal MBA.

The 5 most important factors which learned by reading 100s of business books were—

  1. Value Creation
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Value Delivery
  5. Finance

2. The Lean Startup – By Eric Ries

I bought this book just after I purchased my first business book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. But then I gave it to one of my classmates in my college. So, what’s special about this book? Let’s see!

the lean startup - best business books

Short & Sweet Summary

Most of the time we all have this misconception that if you want a successful business YOU NEED A LOT OF MONEY and a brilliant idea. Just like what Mark Zukerberg did for Facebook or Lary Page did for Google.

But these are actually all myths!

Because most successful businesses became successful not because of their idea. But because of their MODIFICATIONS in their ideas. Facebook was not the first product of Zuckerberg, YouTube was not the first product instead these platforms were not made for what they are today.

These platforms become successful because they understand the proper needs of their customers.  So, if you have a brilliant idea or money it doesn’t mean that you will also become successful. 

Instead, you need to solve the burning problem of your customers which they are facing.

We all should know that the success of any startup is not based on that one brilliant idea. Instead, it requires you to face all the challenges that come on your way.

Startups are just like “Doing Experiments with Ideas”, where we learn new ways to improve it. We have to play with our ideas where we don’t know what the output will be.

So, what this book tells us is — we should always take small steps to achieve our goals. Sometimes, it happens that people spend all their energy, time, and money on a product that nobody needs. So, ask yourself a question or do some market research that whether this product is solving any problem or not.

Don’t just spend all your time and money on a single product. Take some time and take baby steps to build a bigger and successful business.

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3. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kyosaki

This was my first and one of the best business books that changed my life forever. And whatever I’m doing today is somewhat because I read that book. When I first purchased this book, I purchased it without thinking about anything. I just heard about it on YouTube and I bought it.

You won’t believe that I finished the whole book in just 4 days. Because I fell in love with it. Robert Kyosaki has narrated a beautiful story in the first half of this book. And I read it completely.

What do I learn? I will tell you in the summary.

Rich dad poor dad recommended book - best business books

Short & Sweet Summary

The author of this book Robert had two fathers — one of his own and the other one was his friend’s. The one who was poor dad did Ph.D. and the other one who was rich didn’t even complete his 8th grade. Both were very smart and hard-working but had completely different ways of thinking.

His own father (poor dad) used to say— “Money is the root of all evil”.

His friend’s father (rich dad) used to say— “Lack of Money is the root of all evil”.

At last, Robert decided to listen only to his rich dad and follow his path. Later, he became the richest person in Miami, Florida. 

One of the most important things that Robert learned from his father was— “Financial Literacy”. The book told the difference between assets and liabilities. 

Rich people always think to make more “Assets” whereas poor people always spend money on “Liabilities”.

This book tells you how you can make more assets instead of wasting your money.

4. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

If you are interested in becoming rich just by thinking, this is for you. Just kidding! No one can become rich just by thinking but if you are thinking plus taking the right direction towards it. No one can stop you!

Think and Grow Rich is all about that.

think and grow rich - best business books

Short & Sweet Summary

Napolean Hill (author) was a journalist and a writer who got a chance to interview the richest person of that time, Andrew Carnegie. The interview was going well, but suddenly Carnegie put across a very serious deal in front of Napoleon.

He said— “I know that many people are going to fail in their life in the process of doing everything in order to become successful. But in reality, the principle of becoming successful is universal, means equal, and the same for every individual. So, instead of people utilizing their time to learn those principles, it would be better if they learn from us.

Hence, I want you to prepare a philosophy and a book in which some of the world’s most successful people’s wisdom and knowledge will be there.”

Napolean agreed instantly.

After that Napoleon did research for almost 20 years and took interviews of the 500 most rich and successful people and prepare a book “Think and Grow Rich”.

This book has all the principles which usually successful people have in common. However, there are many useful knowledgeable points in this book but we will discuss only 2 main points for now.

1. Burning Desire

if you want to become successful, the very first step is having a very strong desire for it. For example, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a strong desire to achieve your goal anyhow. No matter how the path is difficult you want to reach your goal.

This is called a “Burning Desire”.

2. Imagination

It is said that a person can do anything and can achieve what they can imagine. Now, if you find this as a huge statement then do remember human beings have achieved so much in the last 150 years with the help of imagination. 

You can become anything with the power of imagination.

5. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

If you want to become a copywriter, this book is a must-read for you. I have heard a lot that this book is superb in improving your communication skills. 

This book will tell you how you can influence other people and make them do what you want.

how to win friends and influence people

Short & Sweet Summary

There are a few principles in this book which will make you understand a lot better if you learn them—

  • Make People Feel Important

Everyone wants to feel important in either way. We all want to be appreciated for whatever we are doing today. 

Sometimes, we forgot that the people in our surroundings whether it’s a sweeper or a grocery shop owner, are helping each other daily. Without a sweeper, there will be no cleanliness, without the grocery shop owner, we can’t prepare our food.

So, it doesn’t matter what work are you doing, each and every work is important for human survival. Therefore, everybody wants to feel like an important person. We should appreciate them because there are already so many criticizers around us and we don’t need more of them.

If you know how to appreciate people, you are a good influencer.

  • Give People What they want

We all think of ourselves hero in our minds. That’s why we all want to be appreciated by others.

If you want a healthy conversation, make sure that you only speak 25%, and let others speak 75%. In this way, you are letting others speak more to build a healthy relationship.

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6. Crush It by Gary Vee

This book is written by our all-time favorite Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, social media star, and mentor. His book “Crush It” is loved by millions of people till now. He has mentioned how you can use this digital world to empower your skills and personality.

Not only social media can help you in building your personality but it can build your career also. 

crush it by gary vee

Short & Sweet Summary 

Gary Vee says that if you have a passion to do something, this is the perfect era for you. Because this era provides you the internet facilities which has been never achieved before.

You can also become a huge star with the help of social media today. With the help of social media, anyone can become a celebrity.

Again, we are seeing on a daily basis that there are so many people who are leveraging social media to do something in their lives.

Some people successfully started businesses, some have become influencers and some are using it to learn something.

Nowadays, if you want to become successful it’s important to become excellent in your particular field. As competition is increasing day by day, more people will pull you from achieving your dreams. So, it is important to work on your passion and improve your personality.

If you think that what possibilities are there if you follow your passion. So, there are hundreds of examples I can give you who have become successful and a millionaire today.

For example, Gary Left was a travel hacker. His passion is to travel everywhere, therefore, he started a business out of it. He started helping other people in getting low price tickets and in this way more and more people started knowing him. This made him a millionaire today.

This example shows that if you work very deeply on any passion you can also build a multi-million dollar business. No one can ever stop you from achieving all your goals in life.

7. $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

As the name suggests, this business book is one the best which tells how to start a business at minimum costs. It is possible to start a business even if you have a minimum or zero budget. This book has given many examples of people who have successfully made this thing possible which you can take inspiration from.

$100 startup book

Short & Sweet Summary

A lot of people have this misconception that they can’t start a business unless they have money. But this is a completely wrong perception. However, we can start our own “Micro-Business” with less investment through which we can earn money and freedom.

If you fit in these four criteria, then this book is only for you—

  1. Interested in Business
  2. Have less money 
  3. You want to follow your passion
  4. You don’t have any special skills

Most people thought that we can’t do business unless we spent a huge amount of money. But if you want to start a business, you only need these 3 things—

  1. Product/Service
  2. Customers
  3. Way for the Money Transaction

And when you mix all these 3 points you will become an entrepreneur. Because these are the major points which are required to start a business.

Today, with the help of the internet and technology you can create your product from anywhere and start your own business.

8. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

This book has been life-changing for those who worried a lot. We all face small or big challenges in our lives at some time. But in most cases, instead of facing those challenges, people start to worry a lot. 

You have to understand the truth that life is only for taking the stress and worrying all the time. But it is given to you for enjoying every single minute of your life.

how to stop worrying and start living - best business books

Short & Sweet Summary

So, in this book, there are 3 step techniques that you can follow to avoid worrying.

  • Analyse the situation what worst can happen 

If you are facing any situation which is not in your control. Then, look out the worst possibility of that situation, what bad can happen.

  • Accept mentally the worst possible outcome.

Whatever the outcome will be, just accept it and thought about it how to resolve it.

  • Try to improve the situation which you have already accepted.

9. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

With the name “4-Hour Work Week”, people thought that this book helps in achieving freedom. Yes, it’s true that freedom is necessary to feel successful. But at the same time, what kind of freedom are you looking for, you have to decide.

For example— Do you want freedom for money so that you can spend as much as you want? 

Or do you want time freedom? 

This book will tell how to achieve both.

4 hour work week book - best business books

Short & Sweet Summary

What is the secret of “4-Hour Work Week”?

The secret is — automation. You can achieve this success by making your income automated.

There are basically 2 types of income— active and passive income.

  • Active Income 

For this case, we need to be active. It means if we do not work we will not earn or will not money.

For example, going for a job or having a shop requires a person to be active to earn money.

  • Passive Income

This case doesn’t require you to be always active. Even if you have to work then it will not be for more time. For example, renting a shop so that you get its rent and make a passive income for yourself without spending your time in that shop.

There are many ways of earning automated income by the use of the internet. But the most popular 3 ways are— 

  1. If you make your own product or content.
  2. By licensing the product or ideas
  3. Reselling items

So, now you might get the point of creating an automated income for yourself. This book will give you all the advantages. 


If you are really passionate about starting a business, then you must read these best business books of all time. These business books will not only solve your problems but also give you an advantage over those who are just starting out.

Hope you liked this article. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

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