How to get leads from Instagram? [11+ Quick Strategies for 2022]

So, you are here to learn, how to get leads from Instagram. Many marketers believe that Instagram is a new way to get leads if you use it in a smarter way. Today, we have many different types of social media platforms and people are present everywhere. Therefore, it’s a golden era to get leads either from Instagram or from any other social media platform.

You will always get leads where you find people. Because there is an opportunity to market your brand in these places. If you want to get leads from Instagram, you need to follow some basic rules or a marketing strategy.

As there is an increasing audience on Instagram, so there is also a higher chance of getting leads. Also, your Instagram followers are your potential customers which may have a tendency to convert. 

Lead Generation is a lifelong goal for any business as it helps to grow any business. When you have your customers’ email addresses or phone numbers, you can stay in contact with them forever.

A lot of online businesses have already shifted their offline marketing to Instagram marketing. Now, it’s your chance to get more leads and more sales from Instagram.

After analyzing 457 business pages on Instagram, we have found some secrets that online businesses are using in their marketing. Keep reading, we’ll tell you those secrets that will work for you for sure.

1.  Optimize your Instagram Profile

Your profile bio is the first thing that people come across when they visit. Your Instagram profile must speak for itself. Make sure to add about your brand or about yourself in your bio. Give people a reason to follow you.

how to get leads from Instagram

You must include these things in your bio—

  1. A short line about your brand
  2. A clear CTA (Call to Action)
  3. Link to your landing page/website
  4. Use emojis to make it look attractive

You can also check out our Instagram profile as an example—

2. Create Extraordinary Content

Your content is your first pillar towards building a customer base who buys from you. The very first step is to start putting out some content. Without any content, you can’t expect leads from Instagram.

how to get leads from Instagram

You can analyze other business pages what are their strategies and how they are achieving success. Don’t just copy their tactics, this will never work as your audience is different from them. Instead, focus on giving solutions to the existing problems.

There are a few points to remember before putting out the content—

  • Your content must be related to your niche
  • Your content must be value-adding
  • Post promotional posts sporadically

As a brand owner, it’s your responsibility to enhance the level of your content. Remember that people love to follow only those accounts where they find something valuable.

3. Start Engaging with Others

Without engagement, there is no means to do social media marketing at all. Social media marketing itself says to be social. So, if you want to grow on social media, you need to engage with others.

A better way to engage with others is to reply to comments and messages whatever you get. Or simply visit others’ profile pages and start typing some comments. When people start to see or like your comments they will visit and if found your profile good, they will also follow you.

Your comments —

  • Wouldn’t be hatred
  • Never ever do any arguments
  • Everyone have their choices, so respect that
  • Mention emojis to show emotions
  • Ask follow-up questions to keep conversation moving

Remember: If you give others love and respect, you will also get back in return. 

4. Get leads from Reels

Reels have now become the best way not only to grow your page but also to get popularity. With having a high reach, reels are skyrocketing the Instagram growth of micro-influencers.

how to get leads from Instagram

Therefore, it is now possible to get leads from Reels also.

Secret to become successful with reels

There is a secret to becoming successful with Instagram reels that everyone knows but never uses. 

The secret is — “Consistency

Yes! Yes! Not again. You might get fed up with this word. It’s true that everyone wants to become successful but very few people work with consistency. This is why few people become successful.

The same rule goes with Instagram reels as well. If you are consistent with creating at least a reel per day, no one will stop you from either getting leads or becoming successful on Instagram.

5. Include a clear Call-to-Action

Whether you are making a post, reel, or video. You should always use a CTA at the end if you want to get leads from Instagram. A clear and compelling CTA encourages people to take some action. If you are not using any CTA at the end, you are just wasting your time. 

call to action

However, Instagram is a visual content platform, so you need to grab your viewers’ attention.

There are some places where you need to add a good CTA—

  1. Your Instagram Profile
  2. Posts
  3. Carousel Posts
  4. Instagram Reels
  5. IGTV
  6. Instagram Stories

For example, if you want leads for your online course on Instagram, you can say— “Join Now” or “Buy Now”. This way, your followers don’t need to search for a link to join your course and you’ll end up getting more leads.

6. Use Instagram Stories 

By using Instagram stories, you can earn leads daily. When you ask people to sign up for your course or anything, you may build up a strong network with others. 


You can also make short videos to put in your stories as videos are a better way to make connections with others. 

Instagram Stories will stay up to 24 hours, so you can share general tips and queries related to your course. 

According to Neil Patel, Instagram Stories have gained an increased number of users. Some influencers and micro-influencers also believe that they get high engagement on their stories rather than posts.

One of the most positive advantages of Instagram stories is that it allows you to add a link. So, that people won’t have to go in your bio every time you ask to sign up.

7. Make Videos your Weapon

Videos are the future! How many of you may have heard this? Thousand times?

Well, this is because videos consumers are increasing daily. According to Statistica, in 2019, the number of digital video viewers worldwide amounted to over 2.6 billion viewers and is projected to reach over 3.1 billion by 2023.

This is the power of videos. 

instagram videos

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether you are making videos just for fun or for collecting leads. Videos have taken a new dimension in the field of content creation as well as marketing.

95% of digital marketers believe that videos are a good way to get leads from Instagram. And not only from Instagram, you can also collect leads from YouTube also.

You must create an omnipresence over all the video platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. All these platforms are great for collecting leads.

Entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Dan Lok use videos to generate leads from Instagram.

8. Use Instagram Live to generate leads

Instagram Live is an amazing feature because people can directly connect with you. They can ask anything from you in your live session. Also, it allows people to know you better.

If you own a business page, then it would help in knowing who is behind the scene.

How many times should you go live?

It depends on how much time you have. Still, a good number is at least once or twice a month. But if possible, you should go four times a week.

It would allow your followers to better understand you and your brand.

Collaborate with other influencers

When you collaborate with others, you get a broader exposure in terms of audience. People would know you when they see you talking with their favorite influencer. 

I had also come across many amazing people when I see them with my favorite creator. And then, if I find them something useful, I always follow them.

I believe that collaborating is a very good idea when it comes to generating leads from Instagram.

9. Leverage using Hashtags

Hashtags have phenomenal power. It can give a tremendous amount of reach if you use the right number of them.

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags at a time. But it has been seen that if you use 11 hashtags around your niche, then it would also give you a better reach.

You just have to do trial and error to see what’s working and what’s not.

10. Use Instagram Ads

This probably might seem the simplest way to get leads from Instagram. And yes it is!

If you have some budget, you don’t have time and you want quick leads then Instagram Ads would help you out in this.

You just need to have a business account and set up a Facebook profile since ads can only be created from Facebook.

Simply, go to Ads Manager on Facebook Business Account and click “Create”. Then, select “Lead Generation”. You are all done.

You just now have to think about your ad creativity. Remember, that the reach and the number of leads depend on the quality of the ad. If more people engage with your ad, you will get a higher reach and vice-versa.

11. Add a Call-to-Action Button in your Profile.

Instagram provides you with a great feature of adding a call-to-action button in your profile. And is one of the easiest ways to start with. You can take an example of Swiggy, it has an “Order Now” option just beside the contact option. 

There are many options which are available like:

  • Order Food
  • Book Now
  • Reserve

12. Collaborate with other influencers

Did you know that influencer marketing is on the trend? So, why not leverage this? 

But wait! You don’t need to spend lots of money on it, if you have some budget then it’s ok. 

Otherwise, there are some other ways to do influencer marketing. You can follow the steps given below—

  • Reach out to the micro or small influencers who have similar number of followers.
  • Ask them to collaborate with you.
  • Schedule your collaboration either you want to do a live video or post collaboration.

The reason behind reaching out to a similar number of followers is that there would be a higher chance of collaborating with you. 


At last but not least, there are no limits to generating leads from Instagram. It depends on your convenience which way you like to choose to get leads from Instagram.

Hope you liked this article, if you have any doubts, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks, Nancy for the reminder about the CTA and for doing more informational-type posts to help your readers in your niche. Reels are amazing and one can get so creative with them today. I’m doing more of them and for my clients as well. They seem to do so much better than posts today on Instagram. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

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