Increase Blog Traffic Fast

9 Killer Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Fast by 159% in 90 Days

Are you looking for some practical ways to increase blog traffic fast in 2022? This article will solve all your pain points and from now onwards you’ll never face this pain again.

Well, I was also a sufferer of low traffic on my blog six months ago. But when I started applying these techniques, I started getting more and more traffic on my site.

As you can see down below, the blog traffic has increased by 159% in just 90 days. Below is my Google Analytics report, where you can see the increasing site traffic.

Increase Blog Traffic Fast

My site is only six months old and I think this metric is pretty decent. But it is not like an overnight success, it took me 6-8 hours of daily hard work.

So, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars when you can get some favourable results organically.

Let’s discuss some ideas to increase website traffic that can help you to generate more sales:

1. Give Practical Advice in your Blog

I have seen many times that people just write things for Google in order to rank higher. But don’t forget that your readers are human beings too, not bots and Google also loves the content that is loved by human beings.

So, don’t just write for the sake of writing. Write to give people actual advice that worked for you or would work for them.

I suggest you write in a point-wise manner, have clarity in your writing just like your thoughts. In this way, people would spend a long time on your site and this will eventually rank your website as well. And you can easily increase your blog traffic fast.

Also, make sure to write at least 1500 words article (if it’s any informational content). According to Backlinko, “the average word count of a Google top 10 result is 1,447 words”.

Long form content generates more backlinks than short blog posts
Image Courtesy: Backlinko

However, there is no proof of a direct relationship between the word count and ranking. It depends on the intent of your content.

Pro Tip: Also, I would like to suggest you have good hosting services which help in speeding up your website. As you may already know that speed is an important factor in ranking. I recommend Hostinger or HostGator hostings which I like the most.

2. Write Shareable Content in your Blog.

Did you know that people share those content that triggers their emotions? Any kind of emotion such as happiness, sadness, motivation, or excitement let people share content and this helps to increase the blog traffic really fast.

Another good example is to create a highly-effective content that solves people’s problems. Just like you can see, this article “How To Start An Online Business? [Step-By-Step Guide]” got around 500 shares within a month it got published.

So, what’s the SECRET?

The secret is to only write your content with a vision to solve your readers’ common problems. Just put every experience and knowledge you already have. Don’t be lazy, give value as much as you can.

The more value you give, the more will people love and share.

3. Go for Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords are those having three or more highly specific targeted keywords. The intent of using long-tail keywords is to be very specific about what your audience is looking for.

So, if you are writing in-depth content with a long-tail keyword, then the chances of getting blog traffic increase very fast.

For example, “Blog Ideas” would give you less traffic than “popular blog ideas in 2021”. This also clarifies the search intent of your readers.

Because sometimes, it is not clear with small keywords, what your reader is actually looking for. By using long-tail keywords, it helps in knowing their goals.

Increase Blog Traffic Fast

4. Use Eye-Catchy Headlines

Headlines of your blog posts act as a backbone for your blog post. It’s more like packaging which is an essential part to get more sales. If your packaging is not attractive, the chances for your product sales decreases.

Use headlines that directly impacts your audience’s minds. Neil Patel has also mentioned that a good title tag is the second most important SEO factor to rank.

By using a catchy headline, your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) will increase which ends up increasing your blog traffic fast.

For instance, you can take inspiration from some of these headlines—

  1. 11+ “Quick & Profitable” Ways to Earn Money Online
  2. 9 Killer Hacks to Make Money from the Internet
  3. 500 Small Business Ideas to Start in 2021

These headlines would give you some ideas about writing an enticing headline. By writing headlines in this way, the chances of having a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) increase.

5. Leveraging Videos to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

Videos have become wildly popular.

So this can be another great avenue for generating exposure and traffic for your website. Many people are afraid to produce videos because they lack the technical expertise or don’t have a “Hollywood face”. 

These videos do not have to be motion picture quality. In fact, some of the most popular videos I have seen are poorly produced from a technical standpoint. However, the information is extremely relevant and that is what your viewers are looking for. 

Many of today’s smartphones have the ability to record video and there are many free apps available to upload directly to a video sharing site such as YouTube. 

Most laptop computers produced in the last two or three years have webcams built into them so you could also record video from there. If you are short on content ideas, you may want to consider making a video once per week that addresses the most popular questions.

You can upload the video to video sharing sites such as, or and embed them on your own website.

6. Use the Power of Email Marketing

The online marketing industry has been through a lot of changes and improvements. Therefore, a lot of people forget how important and effective the simple, little marketing strategies are. 

Just because they are old-fashioned does not mean they do not work. And email marketing is perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the online marketing business.

The great thing about using emails as a web marketing tool is that it does only get you that massive traffic to your website, but it also enhances your relationships with your customers. 

This is like how a direct, personal email works, opt-in emails send out relevant information to selected (and targeted) individuals whom you think will like your product or service more.

Email marketing is both efficient and cost-effective – it lets you send out personalized messages to chosen customers quickly and without spending anything. 

There are some popular email marketing tools to consider-

  1. MailChimp
    2. ConvertKit
    3. MailerLite
    4. AWeber
    5. ActiveCampaign
    6. Campaign Monitor
Increase Blog Traffic Fast

However, you have to make sure that the emails you send are opt-in, which means that the customers must have agreed and have given permission to receive emails from you.

When customers actually “permit” you to send them marketing stuff, that’s a good sign. That means that they are willing to hear more about your products or services.

7. Don’t Forget Using Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic social networking site that significantly adds value for your website promotion needed.

It is also considered a “Micro-Blogging” site which limits posts to 140 characters only. But this really helps in letting your creative side out in the world.

I tweet once in two or three days, whenever I post any content on my website. And no doubt that Twitter is super-effective in driving traffic to your website.

Remember, the most important attraction of online traffic to your website is the content distribution of your website. 

Getting your website updated as often as possible to reflect the latest information and data related to your website’s products or service is one of the pre-requisite to sustain your existing customers and keep them coming back for more information and updates.

Another way is to use social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. There are plenty of others, and they all operate the same way. You join, create a page with some interesting content related to your site, and then start networking. 

Join groups, create groups, and make friends. After a while, you’ll have a pretty large group of friends to suggest your site to, and this can result in an enormous amount of traffic.

8. Press Releases to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

One of the least expensive ways to get traffic to your site is by using news releases. Press release writing for online websites has increased because these news releases can be hyperlinked to be directed to the website that sells the product or service as well as increase SEO ratings.

Internet marketing companies provide writing services to companies who want to increase their SEO rankings and traffic with minimal financial investment. 

Press releases are easy to create, easy to be distributed and published. Internet marketing services create a press list that contains a database of editors in various publications nationwide or worldwide. 

Apart from editors, a press list also contains news wire services that use these press releases and publish them through their websites.

When you create a news release, it should contain a heading with the product or service name in it. Headings should be catchy and straight to the point- whether it is a product launching, a promotion, a new service- state it in your heading. 

Press releases are written to be catchy, interesting, and readable so that search engines such as Google and Yahoo would want to be associated with your news release. In other words, Google and Yahoo are doing the selling for you – which is business within a business. 

An interesting press release will catch targeted traffic and increase your market potential and SEO rankings.

9. Guest Author On Other Authority Blogs:

If you’ve started with method one, don’t be surprised if top bloggers in your market ask you to write complete posts on their blog. Once they see you engaged in the conversation, you can also approach them yourself and ask if they would like you to write a full post on the topic for them to post. 

Most bloggers, especially ones with successful sites are happy to have somebody else provide the content once in a while.

Since you are already an expert on your topic, writing a useful and helpful post should be no problem. Just make sure you get a link back to your site in return for your efforts. 

Guest blogging this way can provide massive spurts of targeted traffic, and increase your long-term traffic as your perceived authority rises after being published on a top blog.


So, How Do You Start?

It all starts exactly the same way. Do your homework and keyword research well. 

You have to first understand and know your main keyword, then you will have to search for a basket of keywords that are closely related to your niche market. For this, there are multiple tools for this sole purpose alone. 

With these tools, you can do research over a vast selection of keywords, giving you a complete breakdown of daily searches and competition. To get good keywords, you will have to seek out keywords with high searches, and relatively low competition. 

You also have to make sure that the keywords are relevant to your main niche market, and will relate directly to your business.

Once you have a comfortable list of about 20 top keywords, use this list and for a good header for your article. Then, use the rest of the keywords to build content around. 

This is the best way to get a solid article that encompasses not only your top keyword but also all the closely related phrases. Search engine spiders love the content of such nature as it shows credibility.


Having a successful Internet business that can make money is not easy, and requires constant innovation and coming up with new ideas that will set the business apart from others offering the same products or services. 

One needs to know what their competition is up to, as well as take advantage of professional help and new technology that can be incorporated into the Internet business. 

By utilizing some of these low-cost traffic generation methods, you can give your website rankings and visitor traffic a boost, enhance your brand’s awareness, and brand yourself as the local expert in your field.

This is not a one-shot deal, so the key to producing long-term results is consistent effort.

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