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Instagram Templates: The Ultimate Guide with Free Templates

You are here because you want to create awesome Instagram Templates, right?

Creating an amazing and engaging post is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of hard work and consistency.

But what if, if you get pre-made Instagram templates for free?

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Well, who doesn’t want to grow their brand and followings on Instagram? So, if you want to download these Instagram templates, you can download from here right away.

Or if you want to learn how to perfectly market and design your templates in order to get massive following, then keep reading this aricle.

What are Instagram Templates?

Instagram Templates are pre-made template layout which you can use to edit and add information regarding your niche on Instagram.

It helps in marketing and branding for your business on Instagram.

I’ve seen many people that they put random posts and expect people to come and follow them. This is not the right way to market on Instagram.

If you want great results, you have to make a consistent pattern of posting your content on Instagram.

thecynosuregirl instagram templates

I have a consistent pattern, fonts and graphics on my Instagram page. Although, I keep changing my designs whenever I feel I’m getting an engagement drop.

But still, I am sure that because of this marketing strategy only, I have over 13K strong community now.

And I’ve seen many people making over $1000 selling digital products online.

Why should you use a consistent Instagram Template?

I can explain you by giving hundred of reasons why a consistent pattern is beneficial. But the main reason is that-

When you’re using the same templates every time, it gives your followers a reminder of your brand whenever you’re posting something.

So, there is a higher chance of getting the engagement, like to comment ratio.

I have applied and experimented many times that whenever I changed my Instagram template pattern, my Instagram engagement suddenly got dropped.

But I’ve seen that some social media influencer use consistent Instagram templates and they have good enough number of followers.

How I killed my growth by not using a consistent pattern on Instagram?

I can remember, in August 2020, I got over 5000 thousand followers within 10 days when I was very consistent with my posts on Instagram. I used to regularly post valuable content there.

This gave me a huge number of followers that I never imagined. But after August, I thought that I have to change my content with more attractive design patterns.

This decision just killed my engagement.

From September 2020 to April 2021, I got only 6000 followers max. And when I started posting again my old pattern I started seeing good responses again.

So, what I’ve learned from this experience that whenever you’re starting a new Instagram account, first decide what type of Instagram templates you want to use and stay consistent with it.

Benefits of using Instagram Templates

There are top 3 reasons why you should use Instagram Templates.

Consistent Branding

Everybody wants recognition, right? Just take an example of CocaCola brand, have you noticed that whenever they run an advertisement, they use “red & white” colour.

The reason because it helps in recognition and branding. Therefore, it’s also important in the online world to use the same colours, fonts everytime you post on social media.

Consistent templates helps to make an impression on customers like who you are and gives them insight as a brand and what to expect from you.

Saves Time

it takes a lot of time whenever you think about how your brand colours and fonts should look like. I already made this mistake on my Instagram.

So, I don’t want my readers to make this mistake again.

Decide at once whenever you are starting your Instagram page like your brand colours, fonts, logo, etc. And use them consistently which also saves you a lot of time.

Increased Brand Awareness

When you start using a consistent pattern of Instagram templates, you will see that people start to engage with you more. Because of using the same style throughout each Instagram template will help users spot your content a mile off.

That’s truly amazing for brand awareness. 

10 Examples of Successful Brands using Instagram Templates

There over hundreds of examples of successful brands using Instagram templates with a consistent pattern. But we will discuss here the top 10 examples that are rocking on Instagram.

  1. UpWork Instagram Page – Use Quotes and Photographs
upwork instagram templates

As you can see here, UpWork is using daily quotes from some of its happy customers and freelancers. So, if you are a brand you can share some behind the scenes or share some pictures of your team.

In this way, people get to know who is working behind the company.

2. ConvertKit – Use Carousel Posts

convertkit instagram templates

ConvertKit understands who their customers are, and they have a very precise targetting. As carousels work very effectively in getting lots of engagement.

3. Shopify – Create a Brand Story

shopify instagram templates

Shopify has created a unique style pattern on its Instagram page. But it also maintained its consistency of posting, anyone could get the brand name if they see their posts.

4. Canva – Use Colorful Graphics

 instagram templates

Canva itself is a tool for creating amazing Instagram templates. So, it’s very important that they must have a attractive feed on Instagram.

You may inspire by their feed and make your own unique style on Instagram.

5. SurveyMonkey – Use Brand Colour Pattern

Survey Monkey has “yellow & blue” as their brand colour, therefore they are using it consistently whatever they are making like photos, graphics, or quotes.

6. Slack – Use Cartoons

Slack is a very well-renown SaaS company. It uses very attractive cartoon images in their Instagram feed. You can also build this kind of Instagram Templates if you know Photoshop or Indesign.

Tools to Design Instagram Templates

Now, it’s the time to see what are the best apps for creating Instagram Templates. My favourite are Canva and Crello.

These apps provide free templates for your Instagram and other popular social media platforms.

1. Canva

This app/software is the no. 1 tool for creating wonderful templates.

Download for free on iOS or Android.

Canva Instagram templates

Canva is super easy-to-use, anyone can easily use it. There are thousands of templates which you can instantly access them.

This app comes in both free and paid, but both are best.

Canva’s mobile app gives you a 30 day free trial  for its pro account. So, anyone who’s looking to create incredible content for social media can try its pro features free for 30 days.

And the best part is? Canva is super simple.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a graphic designer or not, you can simply drag and drop the elements and create beautiful posts for your Instagram.

Premium Pricing: Canva Pro is priced at $12.95 per team member per month but if you pay annually, it reduces to $9.95 per month.

Still feeling lazy? No worry!

Now, you can download free pre-made Canva Instagram templates for your online business from here.

2. Crello

Crello is also just like Canva but I like its video feature as well. It has plenty of templates for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

crello instagram templates

You can edit any elements there and I like its user interface as well.

Premium Pricing: It has also bothe free and paid version. Pro version comes at $7.99/month.

3. Picmonkey

Picmonkey is basically a photo editer but it also has all the features that other graphic design apps have.

picmonkey instagram templates

You can edit any kind of photos in this and make it stand out from others. That’s why, I like its editing feature more.

Before and after photo using PicMonkey's photo editing tools.

Here’s an example you can see the diffrence in the above photo.

Its desktop version is more user-friendly than its app, so if you’re planning to use it, then go for its desktop version only.

4. Adobe Spark Post

It another great app for designing Instagram Templates. Adobe Spark Post can be used for creating Instagram posts, editing photos, and graphics.

adobe spark post instagram template

You can play around with all the pre-made and available templates on their platform.

This app also has terrific Instagram templates that make your Instagram page look more attractive.

Adobe Spark Post is so simple as compared to their other apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Thankfully, anyone can use it without any graphic designing skills or experieces.

5. Posters

Posters are based on to create promotional posts for your social media. You can make dozens of posters with this app, as it already include templates for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


You can create Instagram Story templates, video story templates, flyers, Animation templates within minutes.

6. Over

It is a wonderful marketing app as it’s not too well known but it works really great.


This app is well-equipped with tons of great Instagram templates, fonts, and graphics that you can use to customize according to your photos and videos.

7. Desygner

From social media posts and ads to infographics and book covers, Desygner is wonderful for everything.


Desygner allows to edit your photos and make it look gorgeous than before. I have used this app once and found it really great.

8. Unfold

It’s basically a story template maker for Instagram that has 300+ award-winning Instagram story templates.


You can choose templates from their library and edit it according to your needs. It gives your Instagram stories more stylish look with their aesthetic templates.

Platforms to Buy Instagram Templates

Although, there are multiple tools for creating Instagram template still here’s the thing that not everyone likes to design.

For some of us, designing is fun and I really enjoy creating templates on Canva.

But that is not applied for everyone. For those who do not enjoy the process of designing something, they’d like rather pay a little money to get a template instead.

In this way, they can just customize a pre-designed template, and get a unique product in their hands in minutes.

Thankfully, there are some platforms where you can find ready-made Canva Templates for your next project and save a lot of time.

1. Etsy

Etsy is the well-known platform by everyone where you can easily sell and buy digital products.

It’s a wonderful place if you are thinking to sell or buy Canva Templates.

2. Creative Market

Creative market is the second popular platforms for buying and selling creative products like templates, artwork, fonts, graphics, patterns, etc.

You can find thousands of Canva Templates to buy.

3. The Template Market

The Template Market is the platform where you can find free Canva templates which you can download instantly.

This platform is created by me, as I love to play around with Canva and also help people in branding.

Best Tools for Scheduling your Instagram Posts.

It’s often er difficult for us to choose one tool for scheduling Instagram posts, as there are multiple tools available. So, I picked up 5 best tools for scheduling your Instagram posts.

1. Coschedule

CoSchedule is one of the best tool to schedule and organize your marketing campaigns on Instagram.

It is good for solopreneurs and influencers, this may just involve coordinating your blog and social posts. It allows you to organize all of your projects even for your client as well.

Their plans start at $60 per month.

2. Tailwind

Tailwind is best Instagram and Pinterest as it describes itself as being “your end-to-end solution for winning on Pinterest and Instagram.” 

It is an all-in-one tool for scheduling, managing, monitoring and analyzing the results.

It has both free and premium plans which start from $9.99 per account per month and goes upto $39.99 per month.

3. Later

Later can help you in scheduling all other social media platforms but it’s main focus is on Instagram. That’s why, I recommend it to all.

You can make a post in Later with an image, rather than its text the you can upload the image to Later and then create the accompanying caption.

You can start with a free acount and if you like you can buy their paid plans as well.


After reading all the above-mentioned strategies and tools, you will be easily design your Instagram templates and schedule it for free.

Feeling lazy?

Relax, if you don’t want to make your Instagram templates by yourself, you can just buy them from The Template Market. It’s totally fine to take help from others, just like we order our grocery!

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