11+ “Quick & Profitable” Online Business Ideas for Beginners in 2022

Are you looking for some profitable online business ideas in 2022? So, you have come to the right place. Because in this article you are going to learn 11+ quick online business ideas for beginners in 2022 from home to earn $10,000 per month.

And with the word “Quick“, it doesn’t mean that you don’t require hard work.

It means that they are very easy to start online business ideas for beginners without much investment in 2022. But, if you want to make money online, it requires hard work.

These business ideas will 100% generate results if you follow the rules properly.

Moreover, one of my friends is already making around $5000-$10,000 per month just by knowing a small number of techniques that I’m going to tell you.

11+Quick Online business ideas

I know you might be afraid of starting your first online business but after reading this full article you will get a brief idea about it.

Many of you have a dream of leaving your 9-5 job and wanna “be your own boss“. But then, what happens? You come back to your comfort zone.

But whether it’s a job or business, you have to understand that hard work + smart work is key to every problem.

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As you know, today, everyone is on at least one social media. So, to market your business online you need some sort of online presence.

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Now, I’m going to lay out 11+ Profitable Online Business Ideas to start in 2022 for beginners. Read thoroughly and see which you connect with and start implementing it without wasting your time.

1. Start a Blog

Well, you might be thinking that this job has become old and boring but it’s only the one perspective. The other perspective is to see it as a business.

Blogging is the easiest way to start an online business for beginners in 2022 and also it is the most profitable business idea.

You know that starting a business takes time to become a brand and it’s true for blogs also.

The more you work hard on it, market it, the more you earn money. It’s not like you have started from today and money start to roll in.

It requires a strategy to create awesome content and skills to grab people’s attention. If you wanna learn how to create amazing content then you can check out this Neil Patel Blog.

Of course, it will take time but once you understand how to create content that converts then you start earning money.

You can sell eBooks, courses, consultations, digital products, physical products, and so many amazing kinds of stuff.

To earn from Blogging, you need some knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Copywriting. These two are very significant skills that you should definitely look at once.

According to Neil Patel, “Copywriting is the act and art of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of persuasive marketing and sales“.

Now you understood how copywriting is essential for any blog.

Further, for starting any blog you need good hosting and for this, I always rely on Hostinger as it is one of the best hosting providers. It provides good speed which is very crucial to rank on Google.

Also, Hostinger provides a great customer support system and is very reliable for beginners.

And for SEO tools, you can use SEMRush which is the best tool for doing keyword research.

For WordPress themes, I would highly recommend Bluchic Themes as their themes are very elegant looking.

Affiliate Marketing

The next step in blogging is affiliate marketing. It is all about earning commissions by promoting others’ products.
Affiliate Marketing is an amazing source of making money online.

In my opinion, it is a fantastic online business idea for beginners.

So, go and start your blog today!

2. Sell your Designs Online

If you are a designer by profession then this job would be a goldmine for you.

As I’m going to talk about some platforms where you can sell your designs and can make money.

Most people do not know that they can also sell their designs to brands as they are consistently looking for creators who can make awesome designs.

That’s why most designers end up earning very little money as compared to what they deserve.

There are some platforms like Etsy and Creative Market where you can directly sell graphics, artwork, paintings, templates, printables, designs, patterns, and a lot more.

Or you can design physical products as well for example,

Brands always look for designers who can design T-shirts, Phone & Laptop cases, Notebooks, eBooks, and a lot more.

There are many online platforms where you can sell your designs and start your online business straight away.

1. RedBubble

RedBubble is a very popular platform where you can sell your designs for T-shirts, masks, Phone cases, accessories, gifts, stationery, etc.

It is one of the best platforms for creators to make money.


2. Merch by Amazon

Not many people know that there is a website called “Merch by Amazon” for designers created by Amazon. But don’t stay unaware of it, so just check it out now.

merch by amazon

3. Teespring

This website is all dedicated to creators basically like YouTubers, TikTokers, and other social media creators.

Selling on Teespring is SUPER easy to start as you just create a design, submit it, and get paid after a sale.

Have a look at their website:


Choose any one of them and start selling online.

3. Start an E-Commerce Store

These days, e-commerce platforms are growing very rapidly. Even small online stores are becoming so popular because of their niche products.

Starting an e-commerce store is a very intelligent online business idea for beginners if you know the secret.

The secret of growing any kind of e-commerce store is working upon niche products. Because there are so many big platforms like Amazon, eBay, they are always present to provide less costly products to the customers.

So, how would you tackle these big companies? The solution here is only one i.e. to start a store with a minimum variety of products but providing the best quality.

I’ll give you the step-by-step and SUPER easy approach to start a niche-based e-commerce store that no one will tell you –

Online BusinessTry to find out products that are popular in your city or area.

Online BusinessCollaborate with the local stores that are selling those products.

Online BusinessDo not purchase any products, just list them on your online store.

Online BusinessSet your profit margin for every product.

Online BusinessStart marketing for your store.

Online BusinessWhenever somebody orders any product, purchase it and deliver.

In this way, you don’t require any inventory to store your products. Apply this technique till your store become popular.

When your store starts becoming popular then you can increase your profit margin along with that.

Many small business owners are already earning from this formula and generating over $1000/month.

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4. Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is one of the most profitable online business ideas for beginners today. People are making over $10,000 on a monthly basis just by selling online courses.

Taking the example of HerPaperRoute, Chelsea Clarke is selling her courses at over $300 and living a great lifestyle. Marina Mogilko (YouTuber) on the other hand is selling her YouTube course at $350.

Likewise, many people are already making good money by selling their courses online and this would be a great online business idea for beginners.

Creating online courses is becoming popular because it gives the flexibility to people to learn from their homes.

Online Education

According to Technavio 2018 report, there is approximately 20% growth occurred since last two years in the online course industry.

So, there would be a high chance of increasing this number in the future. In addition, after the pandemic situation people have become fond of online courses.

There are two ways of creating an online course – either you create a course on some popular website like Udemy, Coursera or you sell on your own website.

Both ways are the best if your online course is worth it. It automatically starts to become word of mouth if you actually give value to people.

There is also a benefit of selling online courses on a self-platform because you have your own community.

So, it is prominent to have your own audience or community if you want to sell your course.

Platforms to Create Online Courses

There are so many platforms that can help in creating online courses, some of them are:

  1. Thinkific
  2. Teachable
  3. Kajabi
  4. Podia
  5. LearnWorlds

Just remember to grow your email list to validate your idea first, growing email lists plays a very important role in any online business.

Further, you should also keep in mind that in order to start a successful online business, you need to know in-depth knowledge of your field.

Then only, you can achieve better results in the long run.

You can also find many detailed guides on starting some very interesting online businesses, and one of them is this detailed guide on how to start a pearl party business, which very quickly became an absolute hit.

5. Become a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing is increasing day by day so as online businesses.

If you are fascinated by the digital world and are an expert in digital marketing then you can start providing your services to other small businesses.

Digital Marketing can bring more success than any other field because this is a service-based field and you require some skills to start.

digital marketing

Most of the small businesses have no idea about digital marketing and this is the opportunity for you to grab it.

Just reach out to your potential clients who are running small businesses and ask for your services. You can start reaching out to local businesses first like restaurants, food stores, etc.

Digital Marketing agency is one of the small online business ideas that I’ve seen many people start as a beginner.

If you have no idea about how to start a digital marketing online business as a beginner you can start learning from Neil Patel’s blog.

You can join some online courses as well if you want detailed knowledge about this field. There is also a free course by Google called “Google Digital Unlocked“.

This course is really amazing if you are a beginner in Digital Marketing along you will also get a certificate of completion.

Please have a look what the certificate looks like-

google digital unlocked certificate

Just like me, there are thousands of people who have already got their first client after doing this course. And the most impressive part is, it’s free!

So, start your digital career from today, don’t wait for anything because time waits for nobody.

6. Become a Copywriter

Copywriting is again a very profitable online business idea for beginners because it’s a skill just like digital marketing which you can acquire.

It can be defined as the art of persuasive writing so that you motivate people to take some actions.

But, where does this copywriting help?

Copywriting can be done anywhere such as:
1. Facebook Advertisements
2. Google Display Ads
3. Billboards
4. Newspapers
5. Brochures
6. Pamphlets

I have recently gone through this really amazing YouTuber Alex Cattoni, and she is providing really good value on her channel.

Case Study:

Alex has been in the industry for more than 10 years and she has an amazing experience by working with many big entrepreneurs in her journey.

This is the only recent that she started her YouTube channel and her Copywriting Launchpad is not the main source of income for her.

As she’s worth estimated at $700,000 which is such a big number.

So, if you are planning to increase your skills in this field then you can her YouTube Channel as well.

You can also have a look at some free PDF to AI converter that could be beneficial for you as a copywriter.

Copywriting has a bright future in 2022.

7. Start a Podcast

This is not a new term! Starting a Podcast now become a trend in the online marketing world.

According to Castos,

Some Of The Highest Earning Podcasts

  • The Joe Rogan Experience makes about $800,000 per episode and Chapo Trap House has 32,874 patrons, which equals $147,262 per month.
Image result for who is earning from podcast

Further, the trend of podcasts is increasing day-by-day and people are becoming fans of Podcasters.

How do Podcasts Make Money?

There are lots of ways to make money on Podcasts like –


arrowAffiliate Sales

arrowSelling your Products

arrowHosting an Event

arrowSelling Premium Episodes

There are multiple sources of income for Podcasts you can choose whatever you like.

Along with that, you can also start your YouTube Channel as it is good to have multiple sources of income at the same time so that if your podcast somehow gets banned then you would not be running out of cash.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

There has become a lot of craze between people for starting a YouTube channel these days.

As many influencers already earning handsome money therefore people are gaining traction to start their own YouTube Channel.

According to Google,

There are over a 22,000 YouTube Channels that already have 1million subscribers. This seems that this is a golden era to start your own YouTube Channel.

Many Popular YouTubers, makes roughly $60,000 a year. But if you are thinking that earning cash from YouTube is a piece of cake then you have to change this thought.

As there is no business in this world that doesn’t require hard work and patience.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small YouTube Channel or a multinational company.

Starting a YouTube channel would be a profitable online business idea for beginners but only for those who want to taste the taste of hard work.

But the most amazing thing is you need zero investment to start, you only need a mobile camera and internet connection.

How to feel confident in front of a camera?

If you are a camera-shy person and thinking that how you would start all these, then do follow some tips given below –

  1. Be Confident in front of the camera
  2. Practice, practice, and practice
  3. Don’t write everything down on paper while making a video, just be natural.
  4. Show your real face to the world, don’t fake anything.

Follow these steps to become a successful YouTuber plus a professional speaker.

9. Sell Audiobooks

Audiobooks are just like starting a podcast but a bit different because in this business you can sell your audio recordings online.

There are many platforms where you can sell audiobooks and can make money. For example, there are, OverDrive, ACX, and Downpour, and many more.

audiobooks -online business ideas for beginners in 2022

One of the best platforms for selling Audiobooks is Sellfy because it is providing you 14-day free trial.


So, you can just try it once and then decide to continue with it.

10. Online Consultant

Are you an expert in something? Then you can start consulting online.

A lot of people are consulting online, it could be either admissions consulting or interview preparation or anything.

Online Consultant - online business ideas for beginners in 2022

I know so many people who do their 9-6 jobs and also do consulting that is related to their job because they are experts.

Your hourly rate is totally up to you, I know people who make $50,000 a month just consulting.

Online Consulting is not very scalable because it is dependent on your time and schedule.

There are a couple of platforms that would help you automate everything like scheduling, pricing, etc. For Example,,

You can register on these platforms as a coach and start selling your sessions.

Also, you need to figure out the marketing price as well but as with any job, anything that you do, you need to start first.

Don’t worry about the problem before you start because the mistake that a lot of people make is like –

“Oh my God, but what if this, what if that?”

Please don’t do this, things are going to happen and you’re going to figure them out.

You just need to love what you do and you’ll be able to cope with those problems.

11. Sales Funnel Manager

What is a Sales Funnel?

A “sales funnel” is a term given to a process or a journey of a customer’s purchasing decision.

For Example, you’re scrolling through Facebook and there you see – “Hey, get a free checklist on how to make money online”.

You sign up they send you a free checklist and then tell “hey, if you wanna do this job, these are 5 steps to becoming a professional and educate you through emails.

And then in 3 or 4 days, they offer you a course for $200 and you don’t buy it, then 2 or 4 days they follow you up with an email offering you a discount.

This is exactly how the sales funnel works and this is the future of marketing.

People don’t just buy if it’s a high check product, they need to be educated and this is what the sales funnel is about.

The most amazing thing about being a Sales Funnel is that there is so much software out there just for automating all the things.

The most popular one is ClickFunnels, and it’s the most amazing tool I’ve ever been used on the internet.

ClickFunnel online business ideas for beginners in 2022

The job of a Sales Funnel Manager is to automate all the things so that whenever a customer lands on your website, he/she automatically understood what to do next.

The average Sales Funnel Manager makes around $50/hour, so it’s really a good online business ideas specially for beginners.

12. Virtual Assistance

You have already heard of this job of Virtual Assistance, people are making as much as $20-40/hour depending on the kind of work.

The job of Virtual Assistant is to manage all the tasks for you like whatever any company requires in its day-to-day management. For e.g. Creating Checklists, Finding Contractors, investors, etc.

Virtual Assistant

But you need to work upon some skills as well like you need to be a good communicator and you should have a good knowledge of English.

How do you find your first client?

It’s not like you thought to start it and people start coming into in. At first, you have to work for free just for collecting some reviews or testimonials.

You can make your profile on Upwork and find your initial clients who can pay you hourly.

Focus on enhancing your skills first, start collecting reviews and testimonials from others. If possible, try to charge lower than your competitors first. It gives an edge to compete initially.

Once you gain testimonials from others you can charge as much as you want because now you have the authority over others.

Being a Virtual Assistance is a very responsible job as you cannot cancel your bookings anytime if you have already given your time.

Watch this instead:


At last but not least, if you are planning to start something of your own then this time is the perfect one because people now are understanding the value of online businesses.

All of the above Online Business Ideas are perfect to start for beginners as it doesn’t take your lot of time to start.

You don’t require to leave your job or study to start any of them. You can still start it as a side-hustle.

And many people are already taking advantages of these online business opportunities, so don’t miss this chance!

Start your online business today and make money online

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