How to Sell Digital Products from your Blog? [The Ultimate Guide]

So, you want to sell digital products from your blog? Well, it’s an amazing idea!

As you know, that people are shifting more towards digital rather than physical products. But they need to be educated about which products are good for them.

So, here your blog posts will come into play.

You can sell digital products from your blog, if you provide the right information to your audience and this can be a great online business idea.

Just like selling physical products, selling digital products also requires education to get sales. However, once you are able to build trust in your audience, I promise that you will hit a thousand dollars in your pocket within few weeks.

Selling digital products can be your #1 source of income if you do it STRATEGICALLY.

Recently, I have made more than $1000 in just 2 months selling digital products from blogs online. That’s the reason why I love selling digital products from blogs.


Also, I’m working on my new ebook as well. The best part of selling digital products is that you don’t need a physical space to get started, you can also start your online business from today.

Starting a blog and then working on it to make it profitable would be a great side hustle. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, professional, homemaker, YOU CAN START A BLOG!

So, in this article, I’m going to tell you how to sell digital products from blog and make money online as a blogger.


Before deciding on your digital product you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What age group people I’m targeting to?
  3. What problem am I solving?
  4. At what price am I going to sell the digital products?
  5. Why are my digital products best?


I know that this might be the #1 question spike in your head about creating a blog that sells digital products.

So, here are few things that you must follow to earn your first thousand dollars.

1. Start a Blog that Solves Problems

If you want to become a big entrepreneur, this is the thumb rule.

Start a blog that is related to the problems people generally face. For instance, I have started this blog because I want to solve people’s problems by giving the best and easiest possible solution about online business marketing.

I was just like you, I didn’t have money to start a billion-dollar company. What I only had was my passion for business, that’s why I started it without thinking too much.

I have had great online business ideas that I really wanted to share with others.

So, before selling anything, you must remember that you are solving a problem. Once you do it, I can guarantee that you are on the right path towards a bright future.

2. Build a Loyal Community

I have more than 13.6K huge community on my Instagram and this took me one and a half years to become a social media influencer.

If you want to sell digital products from your blog, you have to gain other people trust.

Because of today’s online world, there are so many people already there to deceit you. So, it’s very hard to gain people’s trust at once.

Therefore, I always believe in building a loyal community before selling any digital product online.

Start posting valuable content by giving tips, tricks, recommendations about anything you like. Leverage social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Create a Facebook group where you can share your ideas with others along with promoting your blog posts. Posts daily, consistently.

After some time, you will see that a lot of people start to follow you.

3. Build your Email List

As I mentioned above, people who don’t know you, don’t like to buy from you instantly. In this case, they need to be educated why you are the best.

So, I strongly believe in building an email list, if you are a new blogger.

You can create a lead magnet that would help you to get people’s email addresses. A lead magnet can be anything like ebook, checklists, templates, case studies, etc.

Building an email list can be a life-saver for you because email marketing helps to sell digital products from blogs.

4. Write Content around your Digital Products

Whenever you are trying to sell digital products from your blog it’s crucial that your blog posts also related to your products.

I have seen many bloggers that they write blog posts around the things that they sell. In this way, they are throwing one arrow for two targets means, they are educating their audience along with by selling their products.

Make sure to not using very “salesy” words or sentences in your blog posts. Remember, that your audience are also human beings and they need education not sales.

It’s a most important thing in business to think about your customers first, then about yourself.

Then, only you can expect something from others.


5. Tell People Why your Digital Product is Best

There is nothing wrong if you are praising and promoting your digital products, until and unless it’s worth the money.

Many entrepreneurs’ biggest mistake is that they underestimate themselves and don’t like to talk about their products. If you are honest with your audience and giving the best possible product to your customers then there’s nothing wrong with promoting them as well.


I’m not saying that you always do promotion and say against your competitors, but what I’m trying to say is – DO PROMOTION WHEREVER NEEDED!

Because if you think from your audience’s perspective that they are also searching for products/content (as the internet is like an ocean) that solve their problems and if you are the best, say it.

If you tell people the reason like, “why & how” your digital products are great, it would be easier to sell on your blog.

6. Build a Community on Social Media

Well, this seems like a “cliche” to talk about social media every time, right? But believe me, what I share in my posts are 100% proven techniques that worked for me.

You of course cannot sell your digital products directly from social media, it’s true. But social media has a big role in building the trust and authority. And it can easily done on any platform like you can market on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

People love to connect with people, they don’t wanna buy from a robot, that’s why you are seeing Facebook, a huge success. So, try to leverage this wonderful opportunity by connecting with people on social media and building your own community.

You can direct traffic from the pins you create on Pinterest or you can ask people to “swipe up” on Instagram. This strategy works really well.

Whenever I upload a new post, I create a pin on Pinterest and a swipe up link on my Instagram. This instantly gives me the traffic that I usually want.

So, try this strategy today!

7. Create a Facebook Group

I’ve built a Facebook Group where I share weekly startup & business ideas with people and solve people’s queries related to online business and marketing.

So, by creating a Facebook group, you are building your personal community and this thing helps to sell your digital products from blog as well.

Whenever I launch a new digital product I just put a post and people start to purchase it.

This strategy drastically reduced my marketing budget and give me the flexibility to sell anywhere and everywhere.


Now, the next question pop up in your mind is – “But what should I sell?”

Well, here’s good news for you that I’ve given more than 21 different digital products ideas that you can easily sell from your blog. So, you will never run out of digital product ideas, just go and pick your favourite one.

Still, I want to give you a glimpse about some popular digital product ideas and that are my favourite.

1. Social Media Templates

I love creating social media templates as I’m an influencer on Instagram, it’s pretty much a daily task for me. But I see that not a lot of people enjoy the process of creating social media templates. So, here’s the opportunity for you.

You can create and sell templates for social media. I love using Canva and it gives me the flexibility to share and sell the templates.

2. Printable

Printable is another cool example of a digital product that people usually buy on Etsy and Creative Market.

You can make planners, schedulers about business, finance, daily routine and many more. Printable can be great a digital product to sell from blog.

3. Ebooks

Ebooks are the #1 choices for bloggers as it is so compatible to produce and launch. Due to its digital nature, you can sell over it again and again without any stress of storing and delivering it.

You can easily publish your ebook on your blog and make money online.

4. Online Courses

Creating an online course is the second most favourite choice for bloggers. As you already know that ed-tech businesses are on the boom and expected to grow from USD 85.8 billion in 2020 to USD 181.3 billion by 2025 (according to Markets and Markets).

So, if you are already an expert in a particular field, this might be a golden opportunity for you.

You can use Thinkific or Teachable to launch your first online course.

5. Email Courses

Email Courses are like mini online courses. If you don’t want to create a fully online course at a time, you can still create a short form of course which you can send through email.

I use Convertkit for email marketing, as it allows amazing deliverability directly to the people’s inboxes.

So, these were some brief ideas for digital products to sell from the blog, you can definitely check the full article here.


The next thing that comes is the payment and delivery platforms to create and sell digital products from your blog. There are multiple platforms already available where you can create and sell your digital products from the blog.


Thinkific is a great choice for creating online courses. It has all the tools which you can use to create your online course. You can easily access the dashboard and manage all of your course content very easily.

Its totally FREE for trial and pricing starts from $39/month.


Teachable is just like Thinkific but you an also use it to create PDFs, eBooks, private consultation, coaching and many more.

Its pricing starts from $29/month.


Podia has all the features from creating your digital product to making its sales funnel to get sold. You can use like capturing emails, collecting money, selling digital downloads, up-selling your products, and many more.

Its pricing starts at just $39 per month.


It is a platform to sell digital products like downloads, memberships, subscriptions from blog. You can sell to customers via email, social media, or your website.

SendOwl has some amazing features like a built-in affiliate system, pre-check-out and post-payment upsells, discount codes, and pay-what-you-want pricing.

Pricing : Starts from $15/month for 30 products and 3 GB storage.


Gumroad is a great service for creators to sell digital goods, including subscriptions, rentals, license keys for software, and pre-orders.

Your customers can pay with any major credit card and PayPal, with multiple currencies.

Pricing: Starts from $10 a month.


ThriveCart is a software that helps you to promote and take payments for physical products, digital products, subscriptions and services to your customer.

It is a very popular tool for creating and launching your digital products. It has their own sales funnel management feature which you can use to create your funnel levels for up-selling and cross-selling your digital products.


For payment gateways, I prefer either PayPal or RazorPay. But there are also some most trustable payment gateways which you can use like Stripe,, 2CheckOut, etc.


There are so many amazing tools for creating and designing your digital products but my favourite tool is Canva.

I design all my digital products in Canva like ebooks, pdfs, lead magnets, templates, social media posts, etc.

But sometimes because of our busy schedule, we don’t have time to create those digital products. In this case, you can buy beautiful pre-made Canva templates at such a great cost.

You can purchase these templates and edit in your Canva free account, you don’t need a pro account.


Whenever it comes to selling digital products from your blog, I can give you a thousand reasons why they are best. But let see what the main reasons why they are good are.

➤ Save your Time: Digital Products save a hell lot of time than physical products. This is because you don’t need a physical space to store them and deliver them.

There is no need to hassle with shipping and logistics.

➤ High-Profit Margins: Digital products have considerably high margins than physical products. As you don’t need raw materials to produce them, so you can put all the money in your pocket.

➤ High Scalability: These are highly scalable products as you can sell over it again and again. Ebooks, Online Courses, Planners only require one-time effort to make them and you can sell it all your life.

➤ Save Money: As digital product doesn’t require managing inventory, so you can save a lot of your time.

➤ Flexibility: You can create new products at anytime whenever you can or change the way you sell your products.


If there are benefits, it doesn’t mean that there is no drawbacks in selling digital products.

➤ Competition: It’s relatively easy to start selling digital products, so anyone can sell and the competition can be tough. 

 Piracy: There would be always some people who will try to steal and resell digital products, so you’ll need to protect your products legally.


If you want to start a successful online business by selling digital products online, you have to do some research in the field you are in. 

Don’t just dive right in as on the internet there are lots of people who show their profit income but please don’t get trapped in all these such things. 

Create only those products which excites you and which you can create for longer time.

Also, I would like suggest that don’t just rely on only one source of income. Digital products have very high competition; therefore, just try to sell different types of products (one at a time) and then validate which product gives you the highest revenue.

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