Why do Businesses Prefer Converting PDFs to JPGs?

Why do Businesses Prefer Converting PDFs to JPGs?

In today’s digitally-advanced world, almost every business that aims to dominate in their field deviates toward having a strong online presence. They do so by creating a well-optimized website that holds all the information about their offerings, whether it be products or services.

Even though the content on any business’s official website plays the most important role, the medium or format used to present and share the information significantly contributes to the business or brand’s overall success. Two of the most popular formats used extensively by organizations all around the globe for putting forth information online and sharing it with others are PDFs and JPGs.

Even though PDFs are deemed the industry standard when it comes to documents, most businesses prefer converting PDFs into JPGs. This article will shed light on how macOS and Windows users can convert PDF files into JPGs and list down some of the main reasons businesses prefer converting PDFs to JPGs and using them for numerous purposes. Let us begin:

How to Convert PDF to JPG:

Both major operating systems, namely macOS and Windows, offer users numerous ways to conveniently convert PDF files into JPGs. Here is a detailed look at both:

macOS – If you are a macOS user searching for a way to conveniently turn any PDF file into a JPG image, you can use the OS’ native converter application called Automator. However, if you wish to access more conversion features, opting for a third-party converter app would be best. Permute is a great application you could consider using to convert PDFs into JPGs. If you wish to know about the steps involved in the conversion process, visit https://setapp.com/how-to/convert-pdf-to-jpg.

Windows –  According to How to Geek, Windows users can easily convert PDF files into JPG ones without hassle. For starters, they can use free online converters to get the job done without hassle. For instance, Adobe’s online PDF to JPG converter is a great utility that facilitates users to convert any PDF file into a JPG one without hassle. Besides this, users can also take screenshots of the PDF pages and thus convert them into JPG files without hassle.

Why Businesses Prefer Converting PDFs to JPGs:

Here are some of the most prominent reasons why the majority of businesses prefer converting PDFs into JPG files:

  • JPG Files are Easier to Store and Manage

Even though PDF files are highly versatile and are easily accessible on the majority of the platforms, JPG files are easier to store and maintain. They do not occupy much space and hence are preferred by most businesses. They are easily shareable over numerous platforms and are effective tools using which businesses can display or share information online without hassle. 

  • Using JPG FIles Saves Time

Every business that wishes to make it big in today’s fast-paced world aims to do things in the most time and cost-efficient manner. When it comes to sharing information online, web pages are more compatible with images than PDFs. Thus, most businesses choose to convert important PDF files containing information into JPGs and use them on their website. As opposed to PDFs, images take less time to upload. Moreover, it also reduces the load time for website visitors, enhancing the visitor’s website-browsing experience. 

  • JPG Files Reduce Business Expenses

Using relevant images in websites makes it easy for them to achieve a better rank in search engine results. Hence, instead of forcing the business to allocate funds for marketing its website, adding images facilitates it to achieve a better rank without any investment. Besides this, there are certain limitations when uploading PDFs online, such as making it SEO-optimized, following a specific layout and design structure, etc. On the other hand, users can upload JPG files without needing to edit any aspect or make major changes. Thus, using JPG files helps businesses save time as well. 

  • JPG is a Highly Versatile Format

When it comes to image formats, JPG is deemed the industry standard, primarily because it works exceptionally well on almost all platforms. Even though PDF is also a versatile file format, it does not work as well as JPG files when it comes to websites. Hence, when adding interactive elements to their official website, businesses prefer using JPGs as their visual element tool to enhance their appeal and present information appealingly. Besides websites, JPG files are also supported on all major mobile and computer operating systems, including Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. This feature of the JPG format makes it easy for the business’s employees to share information online and amongst themselves. 

Even though the PDF format is used extensively for numerous purposes around the globe, most businesses prefer converting them into JPG for the aforementioned reasons. Any individual who wishes to convert a PDF file into a JPG one can conveniently get the job done by following the steps mentioned above.

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